SLASHER MONTH: Funny Man (1994)

Max Taylor wins the ancestral home of Callum Chance (Christopher Lee!) in a game of poker, the multiple games of chance are just beginning. Chance — yes, I realize the punny here — tells him not to move into the home, so of course he ignores it and spins a wheel that unlocks the Funny Man, a demon that somehow can break the fourth wall and address us, the audience, which may be something out of British theater but is definitely something out of the book of Freddy.

That said — this movie looks and feels wild. It’s like director and writer Simon Sprackling (who has directed documentaries on Linda Hayden, Judy Geeson and The Blood On Satan’s Claw) somehow wanted to answer the question, “What if David Lynch directed a slasher?”

I mean, this movie is just wild. The Funny Man can show up at any moment, break the actual reality of the movie, do a music number and then kill a child by offering them a Game Boy before hooking her head up to jumper cables. Also, one character is obviously dressed as Velma from Scooby -Doo and to hammer that point home is also named Velma.

Supposedly, this movie was made under the influence and gradually became improvised. It shows, but that shouldn’t make you avoid it. I really haven’t seen a movie just go for it in awhile like this one. Hunt it down and be surprised.

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