SLASHER MONTH: Club Dread (2004)

It’s always amazed me that the Broken Lizard guys followed up Super Troopers with a slasher, but even though this isn’t it great, it kind of made me respect them even more. Instead of doing what was expected or easy, they went their own way.

Just off Costa Rica lies Coconut Pete’s (BIll Paxton!?!) Pleasure Island, a place where the washed-up musician can get his fans to visit for all-inclusive vacations. Yet as the staff does what one does in a slasher — head to the woods to have sex — they have what happens to people who have sex in a slasher happen to them. They die.

I mean, this movie is such a slasher that one of the past people who went insane on the island and killed everyone was tricked into having sex with a corpse, which is very Terror Train.

The main problem I have with this film is that it goes on way too long and there are long stretches where it seems like we’re just waiting around. Yet the more I think about it, the more I kind of like it, as what other movie would have a knife-brandishing killer in robes on a jungle island suddenly be attacked by a powerful tennis serve?

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