SLASHER MONTH: Igor and the Lunatics (1986)

You know, some great Mad Max-style poster art was enough to get me into this movie, despite the nauseating strains of the Troma opening, which has been enough to get me to shut off numerous films.

The funny thing is the real leader of the cult of lunatics is Paul, but Paul and the Lunatics just doesn’t have the same zing I guess. So Igor got pushed to the front despite just being a foot soldier in this army of goofballs who like to use giant saws to cut women in half.

Anyways, the gang all goes to jail and somehow gets probation fifteen years later because I guess you can atone for using a giant saw to slide a woman in half. And then we get to see it twice, because hey, this movie is barely edited.

The bulk of this movie was directed by Billy Parolini and then years later, Thomas Doran and Brendan Faulkner would go back and direct the horror, action and suspense sequences.

This movie is, charitably, a mess and is saved by the really great posters. I mean, Tom — the former gang member gone legit — has come back to town just in time for Paul to get out of jail, which leads to that maniac ripping out a woman’s heart and killing Paul’s old girl — now a prostitute because this town is pretty much where I grew up — and making a tape recording of it. And oh yeah — Tom has a kid who has been raised by a Native American who lives in the woods.

If the names Thomas Doran and Brendan Faulkner are familiar to you, that’s because they made part of Spookies. Just like that movie, this has numerous continuity issues, plus even more weirdness like characters suddenly getting new names.

It’s an interesting watch. Not a good one. But hey, you have to do the work if you want to find the good ones.

2 thoughts on “SLASHER MONTH: Igor and the Lunatics (1986)

  1. Not that it’s a perfect match . . . but if I didn’t know any better: On the first, featured poster for this review: Did they swipe — and simply reverse — the ripped artwork between Hands of Steel, Cy Warrior, Alien Terminator? Pretty darn close. I wonder where else that alt-Igor artwork was used — and stolen?

    Cy Warrior (1989)


  2. The killers kill Tom’s son and the Indian Hawk who comes to the rescue in the final barn battle,but Tom and Mary Ann take them down. They escape an ambulance and police and kill Tom and Mary Ann in her apartment,and Byron becomes a cook at a Japanese restaurant and apparently kills Paul’s parents at the end. Weird.


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