SLASHER MONTH: Cannibal Campout (1988)

You have to wonder why more slashers didn’t have a killer with a fighter pilot helmet. Maybe Joe has one on in this because it came out after Top Gun, unlike the majority of slice and dice movies. Regardless, it’s a great look*, even if the quality of this movie isn’t always top of mind.

Don’t get used to any of the victims. I mean that — everyone, including their unborn children — is fair game for the three killers. In addition to Joe, there’s Rich and Gene, hillbillies who treat their mother with the same kind of reverencee as Addley and Ike do their mama in Mother’s Day.

McBride would follow this gory assault on senses with Woodchipper Massacre, which is just as disgusting and I say that with love. Despite the lack of taste, budget, effects and acting on display here, this movie made me laugh numerous time and really, isn’t that why we watch these things? There’s no defending my love of this film — much less any SOV piece of junk — but there is no need for defense. I don’t believe in guilty pleasures and I am unashamed to admit that I like plenty of absolutely revolting and poorly made movies.

*It also covers the face of co-director Jon McBride and probably allows him to have others in the shot while he directs.

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