SALEM HORROR FEST: If She Screams (2021)

Kassi (Romy Boloix) needs money, so she starts working in a weed greenhouse, but the owner is soon murdered and she goes on the run directly into the curse — that we learn about in a flashback to the 1800s that has prominent cell phone towers present — that haunts the mountain.

Director Stephen Garnett’s IMDB bio states that he’s “known for developing talent and creative collaborations with the top branding companies in the world and working with artists of all walks of life.” That slickness extends to this film.

I heard a debate today about whether or not movies can be exploitation today and yet still feel ethically acceptable to view. That’s a good question and I think that there really isn’t a filmmaker ready to go full Bruno Mattei any longer.

This is a fine movie, but never goes fully into the muck of a woman seeking revenge film. Maybe we’ve evolved past that, but we should still strive to entertain.

If She Screams is now playing Salem Horror Fest and is also on Amazon Prime. For now, you can follow that link to buy a festival badge and check out several other films during October.

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