SALEM HORROR FEST: Witch Hunt (2021)

It’s kind of perfect that a movie called Witch Hunt is playing at the Salem Horror Fest. In this short, directed and written by Evan Gorski — who has yet to make a full-length movie but let’s hope that happens soon — a vengeful keyboard warrior named Jeff suddenly finds a mysterious woman from out the past at his door.

The title comes from the idea that social media attacks can feel an awful lot like, well, you get it. So when Jeff feels the rage of those he’s done wrong, he gets his very own Salem witch trials. Again, how appropriate for this month’s fest!

Witch Hunt looks gorgeous. I just wish it had a bit more time to stretch out its story and let us know a bit more about how we got here.

Witch Hunt is now playing Salem Horror Fest. When we have streaming info, we’ll share it in this post. For now, you can follow that link to buy a festival badge and check out several other films during October.

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