SALEM HORROR FEST: Keeping Company (2021)

Sonny and Noah work at Caste Insurance for Paula, who lets the former know in no certain circumstances that he must stop working with the latter, who is his best friend. Sonny is working hard to impress his father and show that he is worthy, so all looks lost for their friendship. Such is the way of business.

And then they knock on the wrong person’s door.

A cab driver named Lucas has been abducting and murdering the lower rung of society. Is he doing it in tribute to his dead mother? Has he finally lost it after a lifetime living under the rule of his grandmother? And now that Sonny and Noah have barged their way into his home to sell an insurance policy — ending with them chained up in his basement — will they ever leave?

Director and writer Josh Wallace has really put together a tight, bloody and amoral tale here. Everybody — well, except for Noah — wants to use one another and will climb over dead bodies to get ahead. But when those dead bodies are literal, will they behave the same way?

If you’re in the mood for a very, very black comedy. you can’t go wrong with this one.

Keeping Company is now playing Salem Horror Fest as part of the Showcase of Massachusetts Filmmakers series. When we have streaming info, we’ll share it in this post. For now, you can follow that link to buy a festival badge and check out several other films during October.

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