Never Fight Alone: Overcoming Veteran Suicide (2021)

Can one man’s battle become a pathway for countless veterans to experience freedom and healing from their battles with PTSD? After watching Never Fight Alone, I have hope.

Directed by Noah Carlson, this short film centers on Chad Robichaux, who has been deployed to Afghanistan eight times. His PTSD has taken a toll on him and his marriage, which leads him to a closet, on his knees, with a loaded gun against his head.

Through an incredible intervention, Chad learns that life and God have bigger plans for him.

Every day, at least 22 veterans commit suicide. That’s why the Mighty Oaks Foundation — and groups like it — are so important. To date, Might Oaks has had over 4,000 graduates from their Legacy Programs, over 150,000 individuals attending their Resiliency Programs and over 100,000 books distributed for free to veterans and active-duty servicemen and women.

Whether you’re a vet, know and care for one or just want to learn more about one of the biggest problems facing our nation. Never Fight Alone is a small — and worthy — time commitment to make.

You can watch this on Tubi and learn more by visiting the official web page of the film.

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