SALEM HORROR FEST: Bad Girls (2021)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Bad Girls is one of the best movies I’ve seen this year and I’m so excited that it’s playing at Salem Horror Fest on October 9. We originally featured this movie on March 12, 2021. You need to see this movie.

Dude, where did Christopher Bickel come from? This is the second movie I’ve seen from him after The Theta Girl and he’s taken the trope of the bad girls on the run into tomorrow with this film, a blast of loud obnoxious music filled with violence, bad men and worse women. More to the point, why aren’t more people making movies like this?

After robbing a strip club, three desperate teenage lovedolls — Val, Mitzi, and Carolyn (Morgan Shaley Renew, Sanethia Dresch and Shelby Lois Guinn) hit the road with money, drugs and several boys in thrall. They’re running from the law, they’re running from death, they’re running from, well, whatever you have to run from, all with no real place to go other than to experience whatever’s really left of rock ‘n roll by sleeping with Bard Gainsworth (Cleveland Langdale) and Zerox Rhodesia (Micah Peroulis).

Meanwhile, the woman-hating Cannon (Mike Amason) and the somewhat even-keeled McMurphy (Dove Dupree), are that aforementioned law that the girls can’t get away from. There’s nothing but blood, bullets and the end in their future, but would you rather live for a day in the crosshairs or a life in a hospital waiting room waiting to die?

Also, of course they go to South of the Border. Hello, Pedro.

When one girl wants to live for death, another wants to survive and a third just goes along for the ride, things get out of control. I’m all for movies where women outdo, outdrug and outfight men and this movie stands up bravely in that genre that frankly deserves more company.

While I love The Theta Girl perhaps a bit more because, well, there are moments of borderline religious drug insanity — actually, it’s an entire movie of them — this is more focused and yet rawer at the same time. A rare feat.

This was co-written by Shane Silman, who was an incendiary force of nature in Theta, but here shows up as, well…a rocker turned movie director that you’ll definitely recognize.

I hate when people tell me, “Well, we didn’t have the budget.” This movie cost less than my house. Hell, I could have bought a car — not a great one — for what they had. And this is something special. From the first song to the last, I knew I was watching someone’s vision and not just something made to get content onto Amazon and make some money.

Want to know more? Check out the official site and get ready to get destroyed. You can also purchase the movie here.

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