SLASHER MONTH: Natas the Reflection (1986)

Steve is an investigative reporter so bad at his job that he doesn’t realize that Natas is Satan backward and even after dealing with gunslinger zombies, he still brings his friends into danger and a ghoul murders a bunch of them and then a demon shows up. Yes, 1986 was a wild time for movies, a moment when anything could end up on rental shelves.

Jack Dunlap only made one movie. This is it. This is what he has left us to remember him by. Well, that and some minor acting roles.

Of note, the mystical Indian named Smohalla in Natas the Reflection was played by the  Nino Cochise, the real life grandson of one of the most famous Native American chiefs of all time, Cochise. He was 104 when this was made and never got to see it because it sat around for three years and he died a year after this movie. I think we can all agree that while death is inevitable and sad, he lived a full life and thankfully never had to sit through Natas the Reflection.

You can watch this on YouTube.


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