SLASHER MONTH: Bloodmoon (1990)

This Australian slasher is pretty unique in that is set in a rich Catholic school and has plenty of coming of age and students versus townies story beyond the slashing, which also feels a little but closer to the giallo than the slasher, despite giving away who the killer is early in the film.

It was even released into Australian theaters with a Willian Castle gimmick: the fright break, which gave audience members the opportunity to walk out and claim a refund before the big ending reveal.

Actually, I say that this is set in Australia but many of the characters claim to be from America, yet the accents are most definitely from a land down under.

I’ve seen some bad reviews for this, but I obviously have no taste and I loved that it had a killer dumb enough to keep eyeballs in the classroom and that it had a streak of sleaze, such as the teacher’s wife who makes plans every Sunday to sleep with young boys and then insult her husband by revealing it all to him. It’s got a glossy look to it, an ending where even the nicest people in the cast kept destroyed and a nun throwing acid in someone’s face. These are all good things.

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