2021 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 4: She Kills (2016)

4. WHEN THE TABLES TURN: Victim becomes stalker, hunter becomes the hunted etc. 

Sadie’s husband has been murdered and she’s been assaulted by a gang called The Touchers on the day of her wedding. That attack has unleashed a horrific power deep within her and an insatiable desire to get revenge with the newfound power of, well, her lady business. Satan himself has laid claim to her sex but she’s learned how to harness its powers to be some kind of orgasmic Ghost Rider.

Written and directed by Ron Bonk (House Shark), this movie has something to offend nearly everyone, from cats used as nunchakus to a casual disregard for every person in the film. It also has the kind of bad acting that is trying to be bad, which usually turns me off on a movie. But hey, the challenge was revenge and this is the one that I picked.

This movie will probably split people. There will be a “How transgressive!” group of people. Equally, there will be folks that say, “What a badly made movie.” And then there will be people who say, “Instead of watching a movie inspired by Thriller: A Cruel Picture, why don’t I just watch that movie?”

I leave it to you to figure out just how much I love Christina Lindberg (actually, I can’t measure it).

You can watch this on Tubi.

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