Vampire Journals (1997)

Zachary is something like a hooker with a heart of gold. He’s a vampire with a conscience, hunting down the bloodline of vampires that made him like a gaijin Alucard from the Castlevania games. So yeah, the vampires have even turned the love of his life into one of them, so he must destroy her and her master Serena — last seen in Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm which comes out a year after this so, you know, it’s alright if you’re confused — with the enchanted sword of Laertes.

The rest of the film is all about Ash trying to take out our hero, using a pianist named Sofia to draw him out by drinking her blood and making her one of his followers. And then there’s another vampiric consort named Iris who decides to throw a wrench in destiny.

Consider this one a side mission in the world of Subspecies, as all of these characters will get involved in the next one. Full Moon would later remake this as Decadent Evil.

If you’d like to see a cutdown version of this movie, it is the “Undead Evil” chapter of their anthology film I, Vampire.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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