Stitches (2001)

Mrs. Albright (Elizabeth Ince, Grandmother Regina from Demon Wind and Mrs. Denton in Vice Academy 5) seems like such a sweet lady when she arrives to stay at a boarding house. However, it turns out that she’s a demon who uses desire against the other people staying there, stealing their skin to continue to build her skin suit and trapping their bodies inside a book as if they were paper dolls.

That’s because she’s made a bet with the devil that she can destroy the entire world. As the film ends, it seems like she’s going to make good on that claim.

Written and directed by Neal Marshall Stevens (who has forty-five writing credits at the time this was viewed, including Thir13en GhostsHead of the Family and Puppet Master: Axis Termination; he also was a creative consultant on the TV show Monsters), this was the original script for Witchouse, but that changed after the producers decided that they wanted to make a movie closer to Night of the Demons. Also, in true Full Moon style, this was shot on the same set as Ragdoll.

It has plenty of unsettling images — and sound design — in it, the least of which is when Mrs. Albright asks a man to unstitch the skin on her back to reveal her demonic form.

Stitches also is on the Full Moon compilation film Possessed under the title “Witches’ Dolls.”

You can watch this on Tubi.

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