Possessed (2005)

Here’s the sales copy for this:

“Renowned producer and film executive Charlie Band has produced a welter of movies over the years for many different companies; Empire Pictures and Full Moon are just a couple of the production companies that have been led by the irrepressible Band. Now he is back with the Forbidden Worlds imprint, offering fare such as Possessed, which centers around some ghoulish themes that should be familiar to all Bandophiles.”

Here’s the truth: these are re-released films that you may have already bought or watched.

“The Devil’s Spell” is really 1999’s Witchouse, brought back and re-edited down to just thirty minutes. David DeCoteau directed this tale where a witch brings back the modern versions of those who wronged her to get some payback. Look, any time you go to a party and someone pulls back a carpet to reveal a pentagram, something not good is about to happen.

“Witches’ Dolls” is 2001’s Stitches, a Neal Marshall Stevens film that was the original script for Witchouse that was changed up after the producers decided that they wanted a movie closer to Night of the Demons. It does have one very upsetting scene where the villain asks a man to unstitch the skin on her back to reveal her demonic look.

“Resurrection of the Damned” is 1992’s Netherworld, a movie directed by David Schmoeller. He was also the man who made Tourist Trap and Puppet Master, Schmoeller has an interesting background, as he studied theater with Alejandro Jodorowsky and was mentored in film by legendary director Luis Buñuel. This is the story of a young man whose discovers that inside his father’s mansion in Louisiana a secretive cult is using winged creatures to raise the dead. Making this even better is that Anjanette Comer (The Baby) shows up.

You may have seen all of these before. If not, head to Tubi to check out this anthology mixtape of past fims from band’s many studios.

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