Pet Shop (1994)

Yes, Full Moon has a kid’s line called Moonbeam. Is it weird that a company founded on killer dolls would make movies for the entire family?

An alien couple comes to Earth in cowboy clothing and as soon as you realize that one of them is Terry Kiser, it all kind of makes sense. They have quite the plan: get kids to come inside their store, give them a free pet, then said pet reveals that its an alien that needs special food. When the kids come back, they kidnap them and then take them to sell in space as an entirely different kind of pet shop, which is in no way not horrifying to any child that watches this and then goes to PetSmart to get litter for their cat.

Does Full Moon have pictures of Pino Donaggio in a compromising position? I have no idea how they got him to give a song to this film other than money and I don’t think they throw all that much of that around.

This was directed by Hope Perello, who also made Howling VI: The Freaks. That should tell you all you need to know.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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