Hideous! (1997)

A Full Moon shot in Romania movie directed by Charles Band himself, this one is all about a fleshy speciman that washes up in a water treatment plant that everyone wants for themselves. There’s a scene with a woman in a bikini and an ape mask stealings aid specimen by gunpoint, so there’s definitely a few memorable moments, right?

There ends up being four different specimens. One has a little body and an enlarged deformed head with two pairs of eyes and two mouths, plus tentacles. There’s also a blob with a face, a hairless ape that likes breastfeeding — another memorable moment — and a skeleton with porcupine-like spines.

That said, this is the kind of Full Moon movie that really leaves me cold. It makes time stand still and you keep looking at how much time is left, the only joy being the moments when the little guys are on the screen. More goopy fetus babies! Less human beings talking in rooms!

You can watch this on Tubi.

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