The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant (1971)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Obviously, I liked this enough to watch it twice.

What was in the water of the early 70s to make this movie and The Thing with Two Heads within a year of one another?

This one has Bruce Dern putting the head of a serial killer onto the body of the son (John Bloom, who was the monster in Dracula vs. Frankenstein) of the man who he has just murdered, because that’s how movie science works. What happens when you combine the head of a murderer with the head of a manchild with the mental capacity of an eight-year-old and an extremely powerful body? You get murder and mayhem.

Second Marilyn Pat Priest gets kidnapped and Casey Kasem comes to the rescue and you know, I’m a huge fan of movies where Casey show up, like Disco Fever, in which he tries to find cocaine in the carpet of a nightclub inside an airplane.

American-International Pictures put this on a double bill with Scream and Scream Again, but poor Bruce Dern had his check bounce and when he went to the set the next day to get paid, there was no set left.

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