Maciste Contro i Cacciatori di Teste (1963)

Known as Colossus and the Head Hunters here in America, this peplum was directed by Guido Malatesta, who also made Tarzana, the Wild Woman and a few other sword and sandal films, as well as the Eurospy Riuscirà il nostro eroe a ritrovare il più grande diamante del mondo? (Will Our Hero Be Able to Find the Largest Diamond in the World?).

Partially shot in Yugoslavia, this Maciste sequel takes the same volcano footage from Malatesta’s Maciste contro i Mostri (Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules in the U.S.).

It stars Italian bodybuilder Kirk Morris as Maciste, but you can see original star Reg Lewis — he was in Maciste in the aforementioned Fire Monsters — in a few long shots. That’s how much care this movie put into this, a film released at the near death of the sword and sandal cycle. Queen Amoa (Laura Brown, Colossus of the Stone Age) gets kidnapped by headhunters and our heroes defies the fates to save her.

This may be the movie that you need Mystery Science Theater 3000 to get through.

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