Jane and the Lost City (1987)

Based on Norman Pett’s Jane, which ran in The Daily Mirror from December 5, 1932 to October 10, 1959. Jane is pretty much an adventurer, but she loses her clothes nearly every time she goes into action, which I guess is a very male gaze way of making her a heroine.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sends Jane (Kristen Hughes) and the Colonel on a mission to prevent the diamonds of the fabled Lost City from falling into the hands of Germany. As they make their way to Africa, they meet Jungle Jack Buck (Sam J. Jones, playing yet another comic strip style hero after getting to be Flash Gordon and The Spirit) and battle the evil Lola Pagola (Maud Adams) and her soldiers Heinrich, Herman and Hans (all played by Jasper Carrott).

This was directed by Terry Marcel, who also made Hawk the Slayer and Prisoners of the Lost Universe. It’s a good try, but trust me, it’s no Gwendoline.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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