Bloodlust! (1961)

Man, don’t ever do what Betty, Johnny, Jeanne and Pete do in this movie. They go on a vacation together and when their ship’s captain gets too drunk to navigate, they head off to a jungle island to have some fun. Have we learned nothing from, well, every movie ever?

Johnny (why yes that is Robert Reed) falls into a pit right away and is saved by Dr. Albert Balleau and his servants. Like every rich white man who moves to an island hell to conduct experiments — just asked the cucked great men of Blood Island — Dr. Balleau is dealing with his wife Sandra (Lilyan Chauvin, whose acting credits are all over the place in respected movies like The Other Side of Midnight and the junk we love like Silent Night, Deadly Night and playing Van Damme’s mom in Universal Soldier) loving it up with houseguest Dean Gerard (Walter Brooke, the man who said the word plastics in The Graduate).

As our four protagonists wander around the home of the doctor, they find a woman floating in an aquarium and a vat of acid big enough to kill people in. That’s when our villain comes on out and announces why he does what he does. No, he didn’t see The Most Dangerous Game so many times that he decided to cosplay it. He was a sniper in the war and his dislike of killing became a lust for blood. He proves that by showing off his trophies, which now has his wife and her lover on display.

Can you believe that Pete was played by Eugene Persson, who went on to co-produce and co-create You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown?

This movie was made in 1959, but didn’t play theaters until 1961, when it was the double feature with The Devil’s Hand. Both movies were sold to TV in 1963 by Westhamtpon Features, a division of Desilu, along with First Spaceship on VenusVaran the Unbelievable and Secret File: Hollywood.

This is a horrible movie. But as we all know I love the worst films.

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