B-MOVIE BLAST: Secret File: Hollywood (1962)

USMC Lieutenant Colonel Jack Lewis did more than write this movie. He lived a life. After enlisting in the Marines in time for World War II, he left to become a screenwriter of westerns. However, he’d return for tours in Korea and Vietnam, where he earned his second and third Air Medals. Lewis didn’t retire from the Marines until the day before his sixtieth birthday.

In between active duty, he also found time to write 12 books and an estimated 6,000 magazine articles and short stories. He was also the co-founder and editor of Gun World, a publication which led to several controversial moments, as he decried America’s reliance on the M-16 and his no-BS take on weapons and love of showing off exotic arms made several major firearms manufacturers choose to not advertise in the pages of his magazine.

Lewis’ screenplays include the Lash LaRue film King of the Bullwhip, as well as the original Naked Gun, Black Eagle of Santa Fe and quite possibly Billy the Kid Versus Dracula. Perhaps most strange of all, he was the music editor for Woody Allen’s What’s Up, Tiger Lily?

This is a story that calls to mind the days that Hedda Hopper and Confidential! could destroy the career of a celebrity. Maxwell Carter (Robert Clark, The Hideous Sun Demon) is an ex-detective whose job it is to dig up the stories the stars don’t want to see in the rags near the checkout.

This is the first movie for Francine York (The Doll Squad). She has a great character name in this — Nan Torr. If you’re a fan of Night Train to Terror, you know that she played Marilyn Monroe in Marilyn Alive and Behind Bars (also known as Scream Your Head Off), which is one of the stories within that movie.

Other folks to keep looking for include Arch Hall Sr., Bill McKinney (Deliverance) and Carolyn Brandt, the wife of Ray Dennis Steckler, who would one day appear in The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?

They should have listed the boom mic in the credits, because it shows up in every scene.

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