Body Bags (1993)

Showtime was looking for Body Bags to be their Tales from the Crypt, yet the plug was pulled after just three episodes. That’s a shame because this show had some great talent behind it. I mean, John Carpenter hosting and directing along with Roc Hooper? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

“The Gas Station” may as well be a side story to Halloween. When a young college student starts her first all-night shift at a gas station near Haddonfield, she learns of a breakout at the local mental hospital — hello Smith’s Grove — and is told she needs to stay inside because the door will lock her out and stay locked until the morning. After a series of strange visitors — George “Buck” Flower, Wes Craven, Peter Jason, David Naughton — and a scrawled demon drawing in the bathroom, she learns that the man who hired her — David Carradine — is the killer.

“Hair” has Stacey Keach dreaming of having a full head of hair and doing whatever it takes, even getting a transplant from an alien. Between Sheena Easton as his wife, David Warner as the doctor who makes it happen, Debbie Harry as his nurse and cameos by Kim Alexis, Greg Nicotero and Rock and Roll Fantasy star Attila in the only other movie he ever made.

Finally, “Eyes” has everyone from John Agar and Roger Corman to Charles Napier, Twiggy and Mark Hamill in the lead role of a pitcher who gets an eye transplant from a killer.

By the end, Carpenter’s coroner character reveals himself to be a zombie as Tobe Hooper and Tom Arnold start to cut over his chest cavity for an autopsy.

Man, Body Bags has a great score and seems loads of fun, way better than the junk that passes for horror anthology stuff today like Shudder’s abysmal Creepshow reboot. At least we have these three episodes, I guess.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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