Urban Evil (2005)

Yes, it’s another Full Moon remix — did they invent the remix or did Bad Boy? — in which several of their African-American themed movies all come together, get cut down to one-third of their length and don’t even get a wraparound or narrator to make sense of them all.

“Demonic Tunes” is The Horrible Dr. Bones, a movie in which the Urban Protectors discover that their music is being used to command an army of zombies by the titular Dr. Bones (Darrow Igus, The Fog). This was directed by Ted Nicolaou, who I would put on the good side of the Full Moon balance sheet thanks to movies like TerrorVisionSubspecies and Bad Channels.

“The Killing Kind” is better known as the 1999 Nicolaou film Ragdoll, which was also edited into another Full Moon remix movie called Devil Dolls, which has Doll Graveyard and Demonic Toys as the other segments. Man, a lot of companies have been talking about how they’re into being green and all about recycling, but Full Moon is actually doing it. Actually, this movie comes from their Alchemy Entertainment/Big City Pictures sub-line, because if Full Moon is about something instead of redoing things, they’re about sub-lines. Another of those would be Big City Records, a music label owned by Full Moon, which released the soundtrack, Ragdoll: Music Inspired By The Motion Picture. Diversification, people!

Finally, “Hidden Evil” is another Big City Pictures release, The Vault. Students and a teacher visit an abandoned school that was once a slave house and things go badly, as you can imagine when the supernatural gets involved. Director James Black has 144 acting roles on IMDB, but only made this one film. This one was developed for Band’s Empire Pictures as far back as 1989.

The second story is pretty decent and I think I may actually go back and watch Ragdoll to see how good it is at its full length. As for the rest, I feel like seeing a limited version may have been best for my sanity.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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