The Return (2020)

One of the many rules of horror that I use to guide my everyday life is that if you get a house in a will, do not go back to your hometown to settle the estate. You will face the supernatural at best, die if you’re lucky or end up in Hell if things go the way they usually do.

Rodger is one of the people who didn’t listen. He’s come back home to settle the affairs of his recently deceased father. Soon, he’s dealing with strange childhood memories about a ghost and those memories aren’t going to stay remembrances for long.

Roger also lost his mother and sister at a young age, so he’s surprised when the diaries he finds show that he was in therapy to get over their loss. Yet he barely remembers things. And while his mother’s equations and his father’s videos guide him, there’s also a twist coming that will change everything.

BJ Verot broke into films doing stunts and when you think about it, isn’t being a director the most daring stunt of all? Good news — he’s survived the attempt and I look for him to jump through all sorts of flaming hoops in the future.

The Return is available on demand from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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