Philippine War Week: Blood War (1986)

Yeah, a direct to VHS Filipino war movie was not where I was expecting Muslim rebels vs. Christian military to be the theme, but hey, here we are.

After a battle between some rebels and the Philippines military, Hadji is captured and sent to prison. Somehow, a Colonel still allows him to see his son Basaron before he spends the rest of his life in the big house. He tells his son to always obey the law, trust God and not end up here in jail. He grows up with the dream of being a lawyer and isn’t sure how to deal with his father being released from prison, as the man is considered a hero by the rebellious people while Basaron has lived for the law.

Basaron has also lost his girlfriend Narsheva after Bashir assaults her and then marries her, because their religion demands that a man marries any woman he deflowers. Basaron responds to all of this by beating up his rival. And then a civil war breaks out with the rebels wanting our hero on their side and the colonel who allowed him to see his father asks him to join the air force, which he ends up doing.

Can Basaron end a conflict that has raged for generations? Will he survive? And how does his father figure in?

Director Francis Posadas made 79 movies between 1979 and 2017, including Wild ForceG.I. Baby and Magnum Muslim .357. I have to check out more of his stuff after this, because this is one weird action film. Anthony Alonzo, who plays Basaron, was Sgt. W2 in Wily Milan’s transcendent W is War.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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