Angel (2018)

Fae is a sex worker. Thierry is a world-famous cyclist. During his vacation in Senegal, he quickly falls for her until he begins to act strangely as if he were on drugs. After going their separate ways, she learns the next morning that he has died and that she is arrested as a suspect.

This is a movie based in reality with a dash of movie license, as it tells a similar story of the last days of  Belgian cyclist Frank Vandenbroucke, who overdosed in a prostitute’s apartment in Senegal. It’s also taken from the book Monologue of Someone Who Got Used to Talking to Herself by Dimitri Verhuls.

There’s one astounding line in this that makes the entire movie, as one girl asks another: “Do you realize we fuck guys older than we’ll ever be?” Just think on that.

Can two people fall in love in one night particularly if they are both damaged souls coming together in a way that no one would expect to be anything but passion? Angel tells that story, even if the results may not end up as a Hollywood ending.

Angel is available on demand from Oration Films.

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