Blue Demon contra Cerebros Infernales (1968)

If you have an issue with seeing brains outside of skulls, perhaps this is a movie to avoid, as it seems like the main story thrust of this is to show brains as often as possible, but there’s also plenty of neon-hued labs, swinging go-go dance numbers, Blue Demon wrestling matches, future science that never really came true and Noé Murayama, the son of a Japanese dentist, as a mad scientist with female zombies in his employ.

Director Chano Urueta also made one of the most deranged movies I’ve ever delighted to see more than twenty times, El Baron del Terror. He worked on several of Blue Demon’s movies and the Los Leones del Ring series, which had Jorge Rivero as twin luchadors. He started making movies as far back as 1928 and his career lasted the whole way up until 1974. Ureta also acted in several movies and shows up in Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia.

The best thing about a 1968 lucha movie is that it combines so many things that you love into one big combo. To wit: Eurospy movies, evil — and good — women in miniskirts and high boots (and occasionally berets), Adam West Batman-inspired sets, a caveman wrestling and so much more.

For some reason, it was decided that Blue Demon should have some superpowers in this film, so he learns how to teleport. He also can run through walls which is a great power to have.

I love the solo Blue Demon movies because I’d rather see him as a hero with agency instead of the foil or second banana to Santo. He just seems to try harder than the competition.

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