Santo contra los Jinetes del Terror (1970)

Santo vs. the Riders of Terror is a straight-up western except, you know, Santo is in it. It concerns a gang of lepers that has escaped an insane asylum and start to rob farms and attack people. Now, they’ve joined a gang of outlaws and that’s when the lawman Darío calls on the man in the silver mask. The strange thing is that the lepers are portrayed as sympathetic and simply on the wrong side of luck.

Santo eventually kills the gang, rescues the town and informs the lepers that a new drug will change their lives. Seems like a pretty neat wrap-up, all things considered and would be strange for any other film, but at this point, we’ve already seen Santo battle vampires, go back in time and battle Satan himself.

This was written by Murciélago Velázquez, who started as a wrestler and actor before writing films himself. Perhaps his best is El Mundo de los Vampiros. If he and René Cardona were still alive today, I’d ask how Santo went back in time to be in a cowboy movie and why they decided to go all Peckinpah with the squibs.

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