Girl vs. Monster (2012)

Olivia Holt played Dagger in the adaption of the Marvel Comic Cloak and Dagger. She stars in this series — which is a little like Elsa Bloodstone from the Marvel Universe — as Skylar Lewis, the daughter of two monster hunters who must deal with Deimata, the demon that haunted her grandfather and now is making her life horrible.

Seeing as how this is a Disney Channel TV movie, this is closer to a song and dance teen dramedy than the slam bang monster mash that you may be hoping for. That said, there’s fun here for younger viewers and solid direction from Stuart Gillard, whose career stretches from the Willie Aames and Phoebe Cates adventure film Paradise and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III to the remake of The Initiation of Sarah, the sequel WarGames: The Dead Code and plenty of episodic television.

What I liked most was the design of the weaponry, which really feels steampunk in the best of ways, and the fact that every main character had their very own fear demon that can only be defeated in very specific ways.

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