Up Up and Away (2000)

One of the joys of Disney+ is discovering things that you never knew existed. Did you ever know that Robert Townsend — yes, the man who made Hollywood Shuffle — directed and starred in a superhero movie two decades before the recent Marvel movie boom and The Incredibles?

Bronze Eagle (Townsend) is super strong and can fly. His wife, Warrior Woman (Alex Datcher), is just as strong and can outfight nearly anyone. Their children Silver Charge (Kasan Butcher) and Molly have all manner of powers. Even the grandparents in this family, like Steel Condor(Sherman Hemsley!) and Doris (Joan Pringle) are superheroes. The only one that isn’t is Scott (Michael J. Pagan), who may never get powers if he hits puberty before they manifest.

Writer Dan Berendsen was also the scribe for numerous episodes of Sabrina, the remake of The Initiation of Sarah and the movies for Hanna Montana and The Wizards of Waverly Place.

It’s not the best superhero movie you’ve seen, but the idea that aluminum foil is the kryptonite for our heroes is pretty funny. And I dig the eventual hero name that Scott gets, Warrior Eagle.

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