Hysteria (1965)

Produced by Hammer and released by MGM, this Freddie Francis-directed movie is kinda sorta a nascent giallo, in that a foreigner in a strange land must overcome amnesia and solve a crime that the police are ineffectual at investigating.

Chris Smith wakes up in an English hospital after a car accident, unable to recall much of his life. Even four months later, he still can’t remember much and is under the care of Dr. Keller and his bills and apartment are being paid by a mysterious benefactor.

Also — he may hallucinate from time to time. And he keeps seeing a woman in a photo that he’s sure that he knows. And oh yeah, before we forget, dead bodies start showing up in the shower.

This was written by Jimmy Sangster, Swho also wrote The LegacyWhoever Slew Auntie Roo? and tons of stuff for Hammer including Dracula Prince of DarknessThe Revenge of FrankensteinThe Mummy and more. He also wrote one of the best non-Bond Eurospy films, Deadlier than the Male as well as some great made for TV movies that also have a giallo feel like Scream, Pretty PeggyA Taste for Evil and No Place to Hide.

There are better noir, giallo and Hammer movies for you to seek out, but hey — it’s not a total waste of time. I’m a Freddie Francis and Jimmy Sangster fan, so I enjoyed  it.

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