15 Things You Didn’t Know About Bigfoot (#1 Will Blow Your Mind) (2019)

Originally known as The VICE Guide to Bigfoot, this tells the tale of a clickbait journalist — in case you missed it in the title — who goes to the Appalachian mountains to report on a Bigfoot convention.

While the movie starts out making fun of sites like, well, VICE, it soon becomes yet another film where people wander the woods and yell each others’ names really loud. Or maybe I’m just old and the joke of making a movie all about a type of journalism that is already a joke doesn’t ring true with me (it hits different or has a weird flex or whatever currently way of saying that, feel free to fill in the blanks).

Seeing as how this movie wasn’t affiliated with VICE, I wonder how it was connected to it at any point. Maybe the filmmakers pushed ahead, sure they could get the name approved. Who can say? Well, maybe the filmmakers. If you’re one of them, let us know.

There is some humor in this, if only that once city folk find their way into the woods, they don’t do so well. Then again, YMMV. See, I can use the language of the times. Sometimes.

You can learn more at the film’s official site.

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