Woe (2020)

Woe takes an interesting take on grief. A year after the death of their father, Charlie (Adam Halferty) has lost himself in the endless repairs to his family’s house. When his sister Betty (Jessie Rabideau) sells the car that their father killed himself in, the two must come to grips with their relationship with one another. However, there’s a hunchbacked monster who has been tracking them, as well as their possibly dead Uncle Pete (James Russo, who has been in everything from Once Upon a Time In America to The Ninth Gate).

Betty and her fiancee Ben (Ryan Kattner) want to invite him to their upcoming wedding, but he may have become so lost inside that unfinished house or in the loss of his father that he may never come back. Or perhaps the same demons that haunted his father, which could be emotional or straight-up supernatural, what with all of the red eyes in the paintings he left behind that match the visions in the forest surrounding the house.

Writer/director Matthew Goodhue doesn’t give any simple answers here. If you’re looking for a ghost story filled with jump scares, this would not be the film. It feels deeply personal and a film that may need several watches to fully comprehend. This is Goodhue’s first full-length movie after creating some short films. He’s smart, keeping this compact and focused.

Woe is available on demand and on DVD from Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight.

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