Conjuring the Devil (2020)

Originally known as Demon Nun, this film was obviously retitled to take advantage of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. But hey — if you’re looking for another movie where a woman who is struggling with her faith defends herself against the spirit of a demonic nun, then here you go!

I wonder how we got away from nuns getting possessed and all making out with each other or getting Oliver Reed killed and instead, they’re trying to kill civilians.

I’d have liked this movie much better if it were 70 minutes instead of 114. Brevity is the soul of wit or Sam has a bad attention span, isn’t that way they say?

Director Max Dementor under the name Brian Schiavo also made Lifeform and Shapeshifter. The script is by Brian Schiavo for this movie, so are they one and the same person? Or has an evil nun made this movie? I demand to know!

Regardless, you can watch this on Tubi or order it from Wild Eye Releasing.

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