El Pantano de los Cuervos (1974)

This Spanish film has no ravens — its title translates as The Swamp of the Ravens — but instead black vultures. It’s about Dr. Frosta, who believes that life can continue after death and will do anything to take that hypothesis and transform it into a theory. There’s also a guy singing to mannequins and the doctor trying to use blood to keep his girlfriend alive but he continues to take her to 6th base, as they say.

Thanks to Mandrakegrey on Letterboxd, I can share those lyrics:

“Never, never will you fly from me
Lifeless heart that doesn’t beat after all
I have such feelings for a dead robot

Wherever you may find yourself
I wish you were dead
My own robot, my own, my lady”

It seems like every time the scientist kills people and brings them back from the dead and gets rid of the results, they come back from the dead again. There’s some strange imagery here and the story never really adds up, but you know, I was kind of really entertained by all of this. So I guess it’s a zombie film, but it could also be an attempt at art.

Director Manuel Caño also made Voodoo Black Exorcist, which sounds just as odd as this movie, so I have to track that one down now as well. Writer Santiago Moncada was the pen behind such oddball efforts as The Corruption of Chris Miller, Cutthroats 9Hatchet for the HoneymoonThe Fourth VictimAll the Colors of the DarkRiccoA Bell from HellCurse of the Black CatRest In Pieces and many more. Knowing that made me realize why I felt like I liked this movie more than the other reviewers I’ve seen online have.

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