F.E.A.R. (2021)

F.E.A.R. means Forget Everything and Run. I’m sure some lazier critics will use that in their headline for their review, but let’s see what this is really all about.

Directed by Geoff Reisner and Jason Tobias (who also wrote the film and appears as Ethan), this is the story of a young family whose supplies have been stolen by some bandits. However, when a deadly pathogen is released into the atmosphere, they must all work together to survive.

A pandemic has resulted in most of the Pacific Northwest being walled off by the government. That’s where the Allister family is trapped, including their young daughter, who is kept alive through an improvised medical device. There are also zombies that have been created by the disease that are roaming the first and last five minutes of this movie.

This feels a lot like A Quiet Place, which is not a bad movie to be inspired by, in that this is a human drama with some horror and science fiction elements surrounding it. The cast is talented and gives some strong performances. If only the script worked as hard as they did to be a little more unique. Yet all in all, not all that bad of a time was had by all (except those, you know, menaced by the zombies and winter weather).

FEAR is available on demand and on DVD from New Era Entertainment.

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