Hunting Ground (1983)

Even being prepared for this movie by others who’ve seen it, I was not ready for the sheer onslaught that the last five minutes of this movie makes you endure. There’s brutal and then there’s this, a film that literally had me jumping around the room worried as to who would survive the final moments.

Adele is a female lawyer who believes that everyone deserves mercy. Unfortunately, several criminals steal her car, take her keys and rob her country home. Circumstances have led her and her husband there at the same time and he’s shot and killed. Three of the four get away and despite the tragedy, Adele attempts to stay true to her values. Her mother-in-law continually reminds her that she’s lost a son and that Adele’s son and daughter now have no father.

The thugs who remain on the streets keep calling and taunting her, telling her to lie so that they can all escape justice. But when the one left on the inside is seen as a snitch and killed, they decide to get their revenge on her, leading to a scene so horrifying that I worry that my words won’t do it justice. Seriously, this movie goes beyond Last House on the Left with old women brutalized, children punched in the fact and excessive use of fire. I was so sure that the daughter would be burned alive that I nearly watched this scene from the other room.

Directed by Jorge Grau (The Living Dead at Manchester MorgueBlood Ceremony), this is a movie packed with fear and menace from the very start of the movie. Something bad seems like it’s going to happen, something bad does happen and something bad has to happen to those who deserve it. Grau really takes you on a journey in this one.

You can buy this Mondo Macabro release from Diabolik DVD.


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