Meatballs III: Summer Job (1986)

The Meatballs movies aren’t big on continuity, seeing as how Meatballs 2 wasn’t even intended to be a sequel. But at least the third one brings back Rudy, now all grown up and Patrick Dempsey. Over the summer, he’s working and working at a marina for Mean Gene.

Sure, I guess that works, the producers thought. But what if, since the last one had an alen, this episode of the Meatballs story has the ghost of an adult movie star played by Sally Kellerman? What if she has to help our protagonist lose his virginity? And what if her boss was Shannon Tweed? Now we have a movie, they shouted, and shoved their faces into a mountain of white powder.

Yes if Roxy Dujour can’t get Rudy in bed with a lady, she goes to Hell. The God of the Meatballs continuity is definitely one that movies in very, very mysterious ways.

Director George Mendeluk also made The Kidnapping of the President and Doin’ Time, a movie I have been hunting down for a long time.

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