Meatballs 4 (1992)

Bob Logan made a movie called Up Your Alley that dared to pair Murray Langsdon, the Unknown Comic, with Linda Blair. That is reason enough to allow him to direct the fourth Meatballs movie and in true form, this has nothing to do with any of the other films in the series. It was originally going to be called Happy Campers.

Ricky Wade (Corey Feldman) is the best waterskiing teacher around, but he’d rather chase girls. There’s a waterskiing competition coming up to determine which of the two summer camps in this movie will survive and just when I was thinking how trope-heavy this movie is, Jack Nance, the star of Eraserhead, shows up.

This is the movie Nance was making when his wife Kelly Jean Van Dyke committed suicide. She called him to tell him she was going to do it and he was attempting to talk her down over the phone when lightning took out the phone lines. By the time the LAPD got to their apartment, she had hung herself.

Christy Thom (Playboy Playmate of the Year 1992), Monique Noel (Playboy Playmate of the Month May 1989) and Neriah Davis, who was in both The Bikini Carwash Company movies before being selected as the March 1994 Playboy Playmate of the Month appear in this. These things are, of course, important to these types of films. Perhaps more interesting is that Sarah Douglas, the villainous Ursa from the 70s Superman movies, is in this too.

It’s hard to say that this dosn’t really live up to the Meatballs legacy, when said legacy includes a great first movie, a film about an alien and a street boxer trying to aardvark the girl from the Witch Mountain movies and another installment where God demands that a porn star help Patrick Dempsey lose his virginity.

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