Delta Heat (1992)

When you think of mismatched cops, you do not think of Anthony Edwards and Lance Henriksen. That could be because you’ve never seen Delta Heat, a film that was intended to be a TV show and ended up becoming a theatrical film. Or at least a direct to video feature.

Edwards plays Mike Bishop, a cop who has lost his partner to the swamps of Louisiana. Now, he’s teaming up with Henriksen, here playing Jackson Rivers, who has also lost something to those very same swamps: his hand. Yeah, an alligator ate it.

The real reason I watched this — and let’s be perfectly honest — was because Betsy Russell was in it. Between the Saw films, TomboyPrivate SchoolOut of Control and Avenging Angel, I must confess that I’ve watched so many movies just because she’s in the credits. Around the time of this movie, she and her husband Vincent Van Patten — who she met at The Playboy Mansion, where she visited frequently as her grandfather was a close friend of Hugh Hefner — decided to have a family, which led to Russell pausing her career to raise kids.

As for director Michael Fischa, we’ve devoted an entire day or two to him on our site. So enjoy this tale of a mullet-wearing Edwards hooking up with a hook handed Lance, I guess.

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