The Penthouse (2021)

A man covering up a crime assumes a nosy neighbor may have seen what he did, leading him to ruin their life. But how much did they see? That’s the story of Massimiliano Cerchi’s (MaydayThe House of EvilInsaneThe Penthouse.

Peter (David Schifter) and Amanda (Vanessa Ore) purchase the condo of their dreams, a gorgeous place that is right over the ocean. They become neighbors with the boaters who dock in the shadow of their high-rise, looking at them as their neighbors.

As they watch the comings and goings of a boater named Charles (Michael Paré), they’ll soon wish they hadn’t seen what looks like him murdering his girlfriend Tess (Krista Grotte Saxon). That’s after Charles has gotten into a fight with Peter, framed him for breaking and entering and what could be the absolute worst thing, taken his dog.

Sure, it’s Rear Window, but Paré is as intense as always, and that’s the kind of movie I love to watch.

Under his other name Alvaro Passeri, Cerchi did the miniatures for Atlantis Interceptors and Fulci’s Warriors of the Year 2072, as well as special effects for The Wild Beasts, even serving as the rock sculptor on Caligula, the assistant art director on Tentacles, the assistant production designer for Alien 2: On Earth and the director of Plankton.

The Penthouse is available on demand and on DVD from Lionsgate. 

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