BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Belle da Morire 2 (2005)

Pierre Le Blanc — also known as Bruno Mattei — is back with another journey into the world of modeling. Much like Sparkles once said, “Well I guess I just my first taste of the filthy side of this business.”

Also, only Bruno Mattei could get away with taking a big chunk of his movie Body and Soul, then adding new character names and redubbing the dialogue, then remixing it all as a brand new movie, much less a sequel to another of his films! Or maybe I’ve watched forty of Bruno’s movies in one week and they’re all starting to congeal together.

There are also scenes taken directly from Belle Da Morire and Snuff Trap, so at least this time, it’s only Perre Le Blanc stealing from Vincent Dawn. Which is, as you may have figured out by now, Bruno taking from Bruno to get me to watch another of his movies.

The really amazing thing is that Bruno was still making softcore movies in 2005, long after people had started renting actual pornography, much less being able to download it. You have to give the old master credit for that. Somewhere out there — well, there’s me at least — there are people who prefer the gymnastic and unrealistic wriggling that passes for aardvarking in the mondo de Mattei.

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