BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Belle da Morire (2002)

Vincent Dawn is the name Bruno Mattei used to make this movie, which is seemingly shot all in the same two or three rooms and feels like an even lower rent Showgirls, which is exactly the kind of movie that I want to watch Mattei make.

How do you know it’s Bruno Mattei? Because there’s an entire suicide scene from Lethal Weapon  cut and pasted into this film! Not an inspired shot or a copied scene, I mean he took the actual footage and put it into his movie.

That suicide scene goes in when one of Bruno’s (Hugo Baret, who is also in Mattei’s Privé and The Tomb) many women catches him in bed with another girl, does some coke he gives her and swan dives to her doom. One of her friends, Damy (Emily Crawford, also in Mattei’s Capriccio Veneziano), starts dancing in his club to get revenge.

I don’t know who this movie is for, because it’s packed with strip scenes that aren’t all that sexy and lovemaking scenes that are edited in strobing way that could give you a seizure but not an erection. Yet you know, I love that when some people retire and live quiet lives, Mattei was making movies pretty much up until the point that he died from brain cancer.

There’s also a sequel to this and with my level of obsessive-compulsive disorder, you know that I’m going to have to track it down.

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