At this time in his career, it seemed like all Bruno Mattei was making — sorry, Vincent Dawn — was Cinemax After Dark fodder with interchangeable covers of women turning their backs to the camera.

This time, we’re dealing with the dangerous liaisons of the rich and famous. Francesca (Dana Ceci, in her one and only role) can’t get anything out of her husband’s lovemaking skills, so she starts a secret identity as adult star Bizou. Along the way, she falls for a male adult actor named Bingo (Hugo Baret, who was Bruno in Mattei’s Belle de Moirre and High Priest Tatamackly in his movie The Tomb, pretty much playing the role that Arnold Vosloo essayed in The Mummy).

What a ridiculous name, I thought, and then remembered that one of the most famous male European adult stars of all time is named Nacho Vidal.

This was written and produced by Giovanni Paolucci, who we have to thank for the late period burst of Mattei’s shot on video horror period in the 2000s, but also have to blame for funding Dracula 3D.

There’s also a full-on devil worshipping scenes that feels straight out of Tim Vigil’s Faust comic. You know, when they adapted that movie, they should have just asked Bruno to make it. Also, there’s some PS1 level CGI in this, which made me love it even more.

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