Faust: Love of the Damned (2000)

Brian Yuzna produced Re-Animator and From Beyond before directing his own film, the completely insane Society. Keep in mind that the same guy who created these films also wrote Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

The character of Faust comes from the comic book created by David Quinn and Tim Vigil. I was shocked that this movie was made, because the series is absolutely besotten with sex, violence and sexual violence. Once, I met Vigil and bought a bunch of art from him. He asked if I wanted to buy a huge pen and ink of an orgy with demons alternatively having sex with, killing and devouring gorgeous women, sometimes at the same time. I demurred and he replied, “Fucking pussy.”

Artist John Jaspers sells his soul to the M (as for Mephistopheles) (Andrew Divoff, Wishmaster) so that he can gain revenge against the gangsters who killed his girlfriend. That deal comes with a price — at night he becomes a demon that loves to kill and often does so for M and his lover, Claire. But when he falls in love with his psychologist Jade, he decides to turn against the devil.

Jeffrey Combs from Re-Animator shows up as a policeman, for those of you who love his work. And if you love the effects of Screaming Mad George, he made the final monster, which is really something.

Faust is a weird movie. It’s probably too strange and graphic for most folks. And for the fans of the book, it doesn’t go far enough. That said, much of the dialogue and set pieces from the comic made it to the screen intact, probably because Quinn was the screenwriter.

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