BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Women’s Camp 119 (1977)

After The Night Porter and Ilsa She-Wolf of the SS opened the sewer gates of sleaze, the rest of the world’s exploitation auteurs rushed to get their own German ladies of sin pictures into the grubby eyeballs of reprobates brave enough to find a grindhouse of drive-in willing to show these pictures.

Well, Bruno Mattei made two of them. This one and Private House of the SS, which has an absolutely berserk performance by Gabriele Carrara to go for it. This one has, well, a scene where dead soldiers are brought back to life by women rubbing their naked bodies all over them and homosexual soldiers try to get cured by watched naked women, which does not work.

Ivano Staccioli plays the camp commandant who gets things done, joined by Marta (Ria De Simone, who pretty much played the scheming wife in Mattei’s Cuginetta, amore mio!) to lead the women into whatever fresh hell Mattei has in mind.

If you watch one movie where a healthy uterus is transplanted into another one, followed by a scene of a female commandant forcing herself on a prisoner, you know…man, I really have no taste whatsoever, huh?

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