Goodbye Honey (2020)

A trucker (Pamela Jayne Morgan)  has just pulled her rig into a state park to rest when a hysterical young woman (Juliette Alice Gobin) accosts her, claiming that she’s fleeing from being a kidnap victim. She doesn’t believe a word the younger woman tells her, which leads to a fight between the two of them that ends with lost keys, a broken phone and nothing but the dark of night around them both.

After this bad beginning, the women start bonding over their shared history of abuse and trauma. But if they want to make it out of this dark night of the soul alive, they better learn how to trust one another.

Writer Todd Rawiszer and director Max Strand have put together a taut thriller here that starts with high tension and doesn’t let up until a late in the story reveals that makes all of the coincidences of the story a little hard to swallow. Luckily, the two leads carry this movie over that barrier and deliver a rewarding film that shows that the talent that made this film may be unknown, but it won’t be that way for long.

Goodbye Honey is available on demand from Freestyle Digital Media.

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