Galaxis (1995)

Man, I’m ultra forgiving of Brigitte Nielsen. She’s been in some movies the normal world dunks on, like Red Sonja and Domino — who am I kidding, I’m the only person I know who has seen this movie where Nielsen plays a music video director who has a pet turtle and an obsession with Billie Holiday — and I am a fan of every one of them.

Kyla (Richard Moll) has destroyed Sintaria to get the jewel that he needs to rule everything. He didn’t count on invisible woman Ladera (Nielsen) to track down another jewel and challenge him, much less the fight coming to Earth. She has to help a human named Jed and fight mercenaries led by Victor Menendez, who is played by an actor named Fred Asparagus, who was Joe “Mama” Besser in This Is Spinal Tap.

This is a movie made for people like, well, you. People who come to this site and say, “I wonder what Cindy Morgan did after Tron and Caddyshack?” The answer is, she played a cop in Galaxis.

William Mesa, who directed this, was a special effects guy. He still is, as he’s worked on movies like Geostorm and Dolphin Tale 2 in recent years. He also directed The Darkening.

Also known as Terminal Force and Starforce, if you get drunk enough, you can pretend that you are watching The Hidden or I Come In Peace.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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