Future War (1997)

Future War was the directorial debut of Anthony Doublin, who has created special effects and miniatures for movies like Re-AnimatorBride of Re-Animator, From BeyondThe Blob remake, Scanner CopWilly’s Wonderland and more. He’d go on to make ManhaterVoodoo Dolly and Slaughtered, but his career nearly ended here, as after seeing the first rough cut, he walked away.

Even during the shooting of the movie, the crew joked that it would end up on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Well, they were right.

The Runaway (Daniel Bernhardt, Bloodsport 2-4, Bone Breaker in Logan) is a human slave kidnapped from some past time, pushed into the future and now hunted by Robert Z’Dar, Mel Novak and dinosaurs. He thinks Earth is Heaven itself, so he has that going for him, plus he knows kickboxing.

So yeah, somehow he gets to our Earth and gets involved in a street gang and a nun who used to be Angel, pretty much. The fact that I know that the actress who plays Sister Ann, Travis Brooks Stewart, was also in Bikini Hotel proves that I have watched way too many USA Up All NIght movies (she was also the art director and set dresser of that movie).

In the original ending, Sister Ann abandoned her training as a nun to join Runaway and her former gang friends to battle cyborgs. One of the film’s backers was upset by this ending, as he felt it was disrespectful to the Catholic Church. So they had to shoot an entirely new ending where Sister Ann takes her vows and Z’Dar battles the Runaway one more time and then our hero becomes a counselor for runaways, because, yeah. He’s the Runaway.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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